Microsoft Copilot Series: Summarize and draft emails with Copilot

Summarize Email Threads

Copilot in Outlook introduces the “Thread Summarize” feature to enhance your email management. This feature offers concise bullet points or generates a comprehensive summary of the selected email thread, displayed above the thread in the reading pane. This design helps you grasp the main points of extended email conversations quickly. Moreover, the summary includes links to specific responses, enabling quick access to different parts of the thread.

Screenshot displaying thread summary in Outlook reading pane.

Create Emails from Scratch

With Copilot, you can start a new email by simply providing a topic and a few bullet points. Copilot uses this information to draft a complete email for you, saving you time and ensuring your message is comprehensive.

Refine Your Draft

To perfect your draft, Copilot allows you to adjust the tone or length of your response. You can request Copilot to make your email more formal or casual, or to extend or shorten the content as needed. This flexibility ensures that your emails are tailored to your audience and purpose.

Copilot in Outlook takes email drafting to the next level by allowing you to generate multiple drafts for the same email, each with different tones and lengths. This feature enables you to find the perfect version that suits your needs.

Things to consider when reviewing a Copilot draft:

  • Pay particular attention to the salutation at the start (Dear/Hello/Hi there, etc.) and the complementary close at the end (Sincerely/Best regards/Thank you, etc.). Are they in the proper tone for the target audience and the type of message that you want to send?
  • Note the overall tone of the message. Is it too casual, too formal, or too direct for the type of email that you want?
  • Note the length of the message. Is it too short? Or does it carry on for too long?
  • Make sure that the relevant data is being shared with your recipients.


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