Managed IT Services

Flat-Fee Agreements

It’s a given – if you’re in the middle of a big sale or your heaviest season of the year – then one or another of your technology platforms are going to give way under the pressure and fail. Usually when this happens, you’ll spend thousands of dollars and up to a few weeks getting everything back online and rebuilt, and you’ll never be able to know the true lost productivity numbers or lost sales from frustrated customers.


Instead, work with InfiNet Solutions to handle proactive maintenance and quick problem-solving? Our flat-fee arrangements make budgeting for your technology easy because they’re the same every month – instead of surprising you with a huge fee for break-fix when you least expect it.

What’s Included in Managed Services?

While we can tailor each managed services agreement to your specific business needs, in general most managed services agreements include guaranteed on-site visits on an agreed-upon schedule, reviews and maintenance of computers, servers and networking hardware plus software support as well. Whether you need remote support or on-site support, we can meet or exceed your needs. Need to add your telephone system in to your managed services support contract? No problem! We can work with you to ensure you have the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

Seeing the Future

Part of the benefit of having a managed services agreement is that we can help you read the tea leaves of technology – and see upcoming platforms and services that might save you money, offer higher levels of productivity for your staff or even make you more competitive. When we’re actively looking at your business, we can see how new technology that we learn about could be a fit, and immediately bring it to your attention.