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Office 365 gives you benefits of email archiving that deliver users a variety of impressive features that make it the perfect solution for companies of all sizes. For example, you can benefit from an in-place email archive, in-place hold and litigation hold, an integrated management interface, unlimited storage, as well as deleted item recovery and deleted mailbox recovery.

Microsoft Word is an incredibly powerful tool for office productivity, but you’re probably not using all of these fabulous time-saving features.  Get the scoop!   There are few software packages that are as pervasive in a variety of different industries as the Microsoft Office productivity suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.  The ability […]

Explore 7 Ways That macOS High Sierra Helps You Protect Your Privacy and Security   If you’re an Apple user, you have a lot of things to look forward to in the 13th release of the macOS operating system.  Some highlights include new features, improvements to existing features, and a few updates that will pave […]

Negative SEO is real, and it can have a serious impact on the overall search ranking of your business.  Learn what this means and how you can prevent damaging attacks. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still the stuff of legend for many business leaders and marketers.  Even though the term is familiar and you know […]

Prolonging inferior IT services can harm your ability to maximize your technology potential and operate your computer network at a productive, beneficial level. Instead, why not let our IT service providers in Omaha take the wheel? We truly understand your information technology framework, needs, and requirements, and

The biggest hurdle to adopting a new business phone system is the setup. Installing and maintaining any new technology infrastructure is tricky without the right support – so why not leave all of that hassle to the experts?

Proper planning allows companies to protect data, systems, and people while keeping the business operational during a disaster. The recent devastating hurricanes to hit the mainland United States and Caribbean countries and territories destroyed entire communities. Families, businesses, and governments were left reeling, forced to pick up the pieces, where possible. The catastrophic impact of […]

How to Use the Office 365 App Launcher to Work Smarter and More Productively  Few people will argue that Office 365 offers many features that can help them work more productively. For instance, the cloud-based software and storage will let you work from just about anywhere, use multiple devices, and also collaborate with ease. Typically, […]

If you aren’t storing your business data in the cloud, you’re risking physical damage that may not be recoverable. Learn how to quickly overcome these vulnerabilities in the Cloud.   There was a time when backing up business data included checking the date stamp on a physical tape drive, making a copy, laboriously labeling it, […]

If you’re having less than desirable results with your PBX system, there’s a new business phone system you can connect with. Our 3CX phone service in Omaha will go a long way to optimizing your business’ voice connectivity, and we can get you optimum results in a relatively short time-frame.