Healthcare IT Services

Hipaa Compliancy

Maintaining Compliance

There are any number of federal, state and local laws around healthcare – from HIPAA laws protecting patients to insurance requirements that ensure you get paid the full amount you’re due in a timely manner. Handling this mass of data can wreak havoc on systems that are unprepared and cyber criminals are salivating thinking of the amount of personal data that’s stored on your servers. Keep everything in compliance and ensure that information is properly encrypted when you work with InfiNet Solutions to implement your technology solutions.

Fast and Accurate Data

Organizations are truly mobile these days, and so are your customers. Making patient information available from a mobile dashboard is likely to be a focus in the future, and planning for this type of eventuality is our sweet spot. We look holistically at the business to see where you can improve the overall user experience, and can make detailed recommendations to your leadership team that will help you look like a hero.

Healthcare IT Services
Business Continuity For Healthcare Organizations

Business Continuity

You never want your staff telling a customer “I’m sorry, our systems are down now”, but how can you maintain a near-100% uptime record? Our business continuity services provide you with the multiple redundancies and failsafe systems that will assure that your business is stable and secure even during a period of high usage or natural disaster. Cloud-based backups and hybrid clouds provide ongoing usability regardless of your teams’ physical locations.