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Have You Utilized All the Advantages of Office 365 Email Archiving?

Office 365 gives you benefits of email archiving that deliver users a variety of impressive features that make it the perfect solution for companies of all sizes. For example, you can benefit from an in-place email archive, in-place hold and litigation hold, an integrated management interface, unlimited storage, as well as deleted item recovery and deleted mailbox recovery. Office 365 email archiving truly is one of the businessman or woman’s best friends.

You can even set retention policies, and users can access archive email from within their inbox, from Outlook and the Outlook Web App. There will also be encryption between clients and Exchange Online Archiving, as well as between on-premises servers and Exchange Online Archiving.

There are many companies that are regulated by government compliance guidelines and have some form of retention requirements. Moreover, these companies may get into civil litigation or they may be asked for some 5- or 6-year old emails by the audit structures. With all these requirements it’s obvious that it is better to perform Office 365 email archiving with some third-party tools like the ones InfiNet provides.

If you use Office 365 in your daily business life you are probably aware of its archiving tools and of their limitations. Here’s a list of some benefits of Office 365 email archiving and backup tools that provide you with:

Flexible storage

You can use any public storage to keep your archived or backed up emails. You are not limited by your subscription plan. The only thing you need to pay for is the storage used.

Customizable retention

You can set up your own retention requirements when you archive your back up your Office 365 emails. Whether it would be 7 days or 7 years, you can set it up in your own way.

Advanced search option

Depending on the tool you choose to back up your emails or send them to the archive you will be provided with different ways of finding the granular emails that you need.

Granular legal holds

This is a legal hold that is applied at the message level and minimizes risk and cost during the audit process.

Different export formats

In some cases, you’ll need to perform some other export format than PST. The third-party archiving and backup tools that allow you to export files in different formats can save your time and money.

Outlook’s new feature allows you to hold onto deleted emails longer than ever. By setting a later purge date, you can hold onto important communications without cluttering your email folders.

More Office 365 Archiving Advantages

Most people have likely suffered the heartache of deleting an important email. You search and search again through your inbox and the communication is nowhere to be found. Although some providers archive emails automatically instead of deleting them forever, the emails are eventually purged from the server. With Outlook’s new feature you can hold onto emails longer and not worry about those emails disappearing for good a short month later.

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Why Save Deleted Emails?

In today’s business world, for each opened email you must make a critical decision: Do I archive or delete the email communication?

In some cases, like if you receive any spam, deleting the offending email is a no-brainer. However, emails from contacts are often different. For instance, if a colleague sends a link to a website you need, you may decide to delete the email after locating the URL.

However, a couple months down the road you may wish to bring up the email. If the email has yet to be purged, this saves you the headache of having to get in touch with your co-worker to ask for him or her to resend the information. Another case for not prematurely deleting emails is to retrieve contact information. If you accidentally delete an email without copying contact details, you may have a hard time tracking down the sender to get back in touch.

Office 365 Presets

In most cases, deleted Outlook emails are automatically set to purge from the system after 30 days. For onsite Outlook inboxes run on an Exchange server, an administrator is responsible for setting the length of time for emails to stay in the Deleted folder. This timeframe is managed through the system’s Messaging Records Management feature.

The default setting is for emails older than 30 days to get moved to a recoverable subfolder. The subfolder holds onto the emails for 15 days before completely removing them from the system. Onsite Exchange users were able to change this default setting in the past, but Office 365 administrators were stuck with losing emails permanently after 30 days.

Luckily, the retention policy is now changed for Office 365 and administrators have the option of allowing the purge to take place a maximum of 24,855 days (or 68 years) in the future! The date used by the system is the timestamp of the email or the last time the message was edited.

Don’t worry about any of these settings getting rid of your archived items. Once you save an email to a particular folder, the email can only be manually deleted from the server. Keep in mind there is a setting to delete expired items in Outlook within your Office settings. For instance, emails in your inbox have a default aging period of six months while outbox emails age after three months.

If you don’t have any system recovery options in place, prematurely purging Outlook emails can be disastrous. Make adjustments to your purge settings to have a holding place for emails you’re unsure if you should permanently delete or not.

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