Celebrate Candy Month by Sweetening the Deal for Customers Through Advanced IT Services

Give your customers something sweet – and update your IT services!

Candy Month

Since June is the official National Candy Month, we are going to spend some time talking about sweet things – and we’re going to start by talking about how to sweeten the buying experiences for your customers via IT services. Many companies assume – understandably – that IT services are mostly a background/backroom consideration, something that the client actually isn’t involved in. But everything in business is connected, and today’s latest advanced services connected to customers in all new ways. Is it time you increased your value offering with some of these treats?

Data Security is Important, and Customers Know It

Data breaches tend to make a lot of splashy headlines, and customers are passionately concerned about the security of their private data: Much of any company’s reputation relies on data security, especially these days when an online buying option is common to most industries. That data security that you are investing in isn’t just for compliance or making lawyers happy or avoiding a hacking attempt that disrupts business. It’s about showing the customers you understand and care what happens to their personal information – where it is stored, how it is used, and how it is encrypted. Don’t be afraid to boast about your security upgrades! They are a benefit to your customers, too.

Immediate Contact Options Will Answer Questions Fast

The ability to immediately post a message in a Facebook Group, or open a chat box on a company website, or shoot a colleague a quick question over Yammer, should not be underestimated. Customers appreciate when their questions are answered quickly: They don’t like to hang around listening to on-hold music, or trying to search through a new website, or needed to send an email they aren’t sure anyone will ever read. Fortunately, today’s services provide ways to communicate much more directly and to find experts instantly when required. When customers get such a speedy, full response, they become much more invested.

Don’t Do Mobile? Do Mobile

Today’s buyers are a mobile bunch – there’s no getting around or denying it. More searching is done on mobile devices than desktops. Google’s new SEO approach ranks pages by how well they do on mobile devices before considering desktops. It’s time to embrace mobile.

We understand that investing in an optimized website, app, mobile data protection, and all the rest of it may seem like a weighty undertaking: However, it’s all one package. You need the security, and the optimization process, and the mobile data storage strategy, to make it all work together. That’s why it’s all right to bring in external IT services to help set up and manage mobile services. Your on-the-go customers will appreciate it.

CRM Can Make Customers Feel Special Again

How long has it been since you overhauled your CRM systems? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade that automatically tracks customer loyalty points and discounts, can send out recommendations for specific products based on behavior, and never forgets to email customer surveys, newsletters, or other significant bits of information. Automation is just one of the tricks that the latest CRM solutions can offer – they are also compatible with a vast array of apps and platforms that you may already be using, so don’t hesitate to improve CRM if the time has come!

Faster Upgrades for More Capabilities (and Scalability)

IT services have a significant benefit over hardware like servers: They are far, far easier to upgrade. Have you been wanting to upgrade your IT capabilities for a while, but haven’t reached a point where you are ready to replace hardware yet? It may be time to switch to cloud-based IT services that receive automatic updates and are easy to customize and upgrade as your business grows…so that your customers don’t get left behind.

The Power of Simplification

Finally, think about giving your customers a treat by making things simpler. Many of today’s IT services are more about making things less confusing rather than adding new abilities. That means slimming down websites, cleaning up inter-office platforms, reducing the number of tools and formats you use, and overall making everything more minimalistic. Customers, short on time and tried of complex interfaces, tend to love these sorts of changes.

Is something else on your list to deliver to customers? Let us know what it is! InfiNet Solutions can help your Omaha company achieve its systems goals: Let us know how to help at [email protected] or give us a call to ask about services at (402) 895--5777.

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