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Dynamics NAV 2017 was just released and it is going to change the way you do business. It now allows for integration between two key systems you may already be using. Dynamics NAV 2017 is now available for download and with the release come some new updates. One of the biggest benefits of the software […]

Searching for and hiring an experienced IT management service provider can help give your accounting business the successful edge in 2017 Turning over a new leaf in a brand new year doesn’t have to end with personal resolutions. As you begin 2017, consider how you can improve your accounting business by setting goals for a […]

Wow, 2016 is done already!  Where did the time go?  We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone as safe and happy new year this weekend.  See you all in 2017.

You have heard a lot about ransomware but do you know what it is and how to defend against it? Cyber attacks have been happening at an increased rate all over the country. The most common type of cyber attack these days is ransomware. Ransomware is not a new form of hacking but it was […]

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.

Every successful IT operation has one thing in common: strategy. Years of working with multiple organizations across several industries have taught our team one thing – no two businesses are alike. That means you need an IT plan that is strategically aligned with your distinct requirements to help you achieve real success in business.

Quest Diagnostics is the latest healthcare industry victim to suffer from a data breach at the hands of hackers seeking to steal valuable personal information and other enterprise data. In a recent December 2016 statement, Quest Diagnostics, Inc. stated that a data breach affecting approximately 34,000 people had occurred. The medical laboratory operator becomes yet […]

The number of malware attacks has increased over the past five years as hackers become more diligent and effective in their approaches to data theft. A 2015 CNN Money report revealed that over 317 million pieces of malware were created in 2014. This means that almost one million new threats were released every single day […]

There are the obvious reasons for having a firewall – such as preventing viruses, malware, and other cyber threats and attacks – and there are the “indirect” benefits of having a firewall in place. These may be, for instance, the money saved from the downtime avoided, as well as the ability to meet compliance standards, […]

As announced on, you can now use the password organizing application Last Pass for free on any device. You can download it for free from Last Pass and use it to organize your passwords across all your devices. As the creators of the Last Pass app say, it’s a tool to “help you simplify […]