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Look How Much Money You Can Save By Working This Omaha Managed Services Company

Are you wasting money with Break/Fix IT services, like so many other businesses today? There’s a better way: Managed Services.

By choosing an expert provider to be your outsourced IT department, handling your entire IT environment, you can save money, increase efficiency, and enjoy a better end-user experience.

Let’s slow down; just what are Break/Fix and Managed Services?

Break/Fix service is the traditional style of outsourced IT services, which works by fixing your computers once they’re broken. In a nutshell, when something goes wrong — data loss, hardware failure, virus, etc. — you then get in touch with your Break/Fix support provider, and have them fix it. This costs associated with this kind of support add up quickly:

  • Wasted employee wages during downtime
  • Lost revenue and business from customers during downtime
  • Unpredictable costs for repair and support, leading to exceeded budgets

Managed Services — a set of best practices, processes, and tools that, when combined with technical knowledge and proper facilitation, delivers an ideal result for businesses — is the modern model for IT support, offering a range of vital solutions to your business all for one monthly rate:

  • Active monitoring of your IT systems around-the-clock
  • Reliable and automated data backups
  • On-site support to prevent productivity loss and/or downtime
  • Hardware as a Service, providing all the technology your business needs

Think of it this way: while a Managed Services Provider is available around-the-clock, and compensated through your (and other clients’) monthly flat rate, Break/Fix service is unpredictable when it comes to costs and repair times.

  • A Break/Fix approach may be a lower cost on paper but it can get expensive rather quickly – which means your overall ROI isn’t as great as it could be.
  • Managed Services are designed to maximize your budget and provide the support and solutions you need to stay focused on your important work and keep under budget.

How Managed IT Services can save you money and your butt – ahem, business.

Before we get into a big spiel about our services, let’s just consider a few key points:

  1. It is “InfiNet-ly” better to have an action plan and to know what’s going and what to expect rather than running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
  2. Having a budget and a spending plan helps you map out your needs rather than being hit with a random “$xyz” bill.
  3. “Outsourced vs Your Technology People” – We are your technology people, which means we monitor your assets and we have often and recurring on-site visits (we get to know your people and your business.) We strategize, budget and build your technology to optimize your business growth. In short, your success is our success.

Make InfiNet Solutions your outsourced IT department right away – blend all your computer networking support and services with all your hardware for even more monthly savings. 

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