Microsoft Office 365: Push Your Business Ahead of the Competition!  

Office 365 Services in OmahaThe most competitive businesses have shifted from working in an office to working in real time, anytime, and with anywhere collaboration and co-creation. They do this with clients, co-workers and others on a variety of devices.

To stay competitive, your business requires much more than you did even 5 years ago. You must employ current and effective technology solutions to stay on the cutting edge, and to capture, access and share data securely with others, from anywhere, at any time and with any computer device.  The best way to do this is with Microsoft Office 365. 

Office 365 is an amazing productivity tool.  It’s securely powered by the cloud and allows optimal communication.  It’s also installed on your local devices so you still have control—Your private information isn’t out in the public for everyone to access. You control who can view and edit your documents.

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Microsoft Office 365 is the Future of Collaboration.

How can we say this?  Because:

There are 85 Million Monthly Active Users.

In 2016, this suite of productivity tools had a global monthly user base of 85 million.

There’s Been a 35% Increase in Office 365 Adoption.

Microsoft had a 35% increase in Office 365 adoption last year.

Office 365 Works for All industries and Sizes

Businesses with less than 50 employees, plus those with thousands of employees, are using Office 365.

What Does Office 365 Actually Do?

Office 365 is a complete platform that’s comprised of email, social networking, instant messaging, online meetings, personal file sharing and more.  You’ll have everything you need for effective intra-organization collaboration

With Office 365 you’ll have:

  • Anytime, anywhere access from any device. This is a huge benefit to those working onsite, at home or from remote or satellite office locations.
  • A sense of freedom from maintenance: Office 365 frees you from the need to update and maintain your own Exchange server, SharePoint Server or Lync Infrastructure.  You’ll never have to worry about patches again.
  • A cost-efficient option. Office 365 plans start at $4 per user, per month.  This is a fantastic deal for small businesses that depend on communication and collaboration but don’t want to spend a fortune.

There are a number of different versions of Office 365 you can take advantage of, from Native Apps that are installed on your server, to a Hosted Server Infrastructure that allows your authorized employees to securely access applications via the web from anywhere.

Some of the Core Applications in Office 365 that you may already be using include:

  • Word, with easy reading and writing on every device.
  • Excel to create order, organize data and share insights.
  • PowerPoint to make your points with clarity using your own style.
  • Outlook to stay productive and connected.
  • Publisher so you can create something that helps you stand out.
  • One Note so you can take notes and pull them up from anywhere, even if you’re offline on any device or platform.

But there’s so much more you can use to push ahead of the competition.

The following hosted applications in Office 365 have the power to increase productivity, efficiency and growth, such as:

  • Exchange Online that protects your information with advanced capabilities such as anti-malware and anti-spam filtering to protect mailboxes, and data-loss prevention capabilities that prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people.
  • OneDrive for Business so you can sync files across all your devices. You’ll have access to all your files in one secure, reliable place, with 1TB of cloud storage per user so you can work on from any location via the web.
  • Skype for Business allows you to use instant messaging (IM), audio and video calls, online meetings, availability (presence) information, and sharing capabilities all from one, easy-to-use program.
  • SharePoint Online where you can easily create portals and team sites where you and your colleagues can share and collaborate on projects.
  • Yammer, a communication tool you and your employees can use to quickly share information on a topic, have active discussions around, and agree on next steps.
  • Groups that helps small teams work better together. It allows you to form ad-hoc groups of different members of a team such as sales or purchasing, etc. Or you can form a larger cross-organization team to oversee an entire project.
  • Videos where you can capture, share and discover videos in a scalable enterprise solution. Your teams can easily use videos for training, executive communications, help-desk how-tos, and more.
  • Delve to search across your organization for information and insights derived from individual user behavior, relationships to content, topics, and one another. It helps you keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening within your business.
  • Power BI (Business Intelligence) to construct dashboards with graphs from your company’s data in a way that helps you glean information more easily, spot trends and focus on what matters. It can connect to data from your other Office 365 applications, as well as from sources outside your business.
  • Power Apps for the rapid development of mobile applications, and deploy them to multiple types of devices, such as iPads, Androids, etc. All this without writing any code.
  • Planner for the coordination of people on a project and to designate responsibilities. You create “plans” with people, tasks, steps, timelines, etc. It makes project management much easier.
  • Flow to coordinate processes, spreadsheets, databases, and much more to develop automated workflows.
  • Dynamics 365, a new, cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), financial management system that will surely be a must for many businesses.

Because Office 365 is a Cloud-Based Solution you might be asking:

“Will I always be able to access my files?”

Yes.  Microsoft guarantees 99.9% uptime for Office 365 users to ensure access at all times.

“But, what about security? Will my data be safe?”

Yes. Microsoft:

  • Encrypts data at rest and in transmission with BitLocker Encryption and SSL over HTTP.
  • Employs multiple layers of redundancy and backups of information at the datacenter level for easy restoration.
  • Enables users to manage privacy settings at an administrator and regular-user level for better protection.
  • Doesn’t disclose their facilities’ locations to the public for higher security of physical servers.

Microsoft Office 365 applications can be integrated and used together for an even more powerful experience. InfiNet Solutions can help you determine what features work best for your business. We can customize and bundle the applications you need, keep them up to date, and provide all this for an easy-to-pay-for monthly subscription.

Push your business ahead of the competition!  Contact InfiNet Solutions and we’ll provide a free demonstration of Microsoft Office 365 for you and your staff.  (402) 895--5777 [email protected]

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