IoT Security

We Provide the Best IoT Security for Assisted Living Facilities in Omaha

As tech support specialists who are intimately familiar with all the security ins and outs pertaining to IT networks, we’re also knowledgeable about. Internet of Things security eventualities. This makes us among the most qualified companies to offer you the best IoT security for assisted living facilities in Omaha.

Why You Need a Qualified IoT Security Expert

The Internet of Things presents many security challenges for the devices and data being networked and stored on them. As such, you need IoT security technicians who can provide the kind of exacting and responsive support organizations need for continuity assurance.

We use Watchguard as the smart security system of choice for the IoT security of assisted living facilities in Omaha. This allows us to provide our senior care facility clients a higher measure of protection for:

  • Secure cloud Wi-Fi
  • Better systems performance
  • Total computer network security assurance
  • Threat-preventative and protective monitoring
  • Ransomware and other cyberattack prevention
  • Added compliance assurance

We’re Omaha Experts in IoT Security for Senior Care Facilities

You can end your search for qualified assisted senior living IoT security experts, as we’ve established ourselves as proven specialists in offering a wealth of solutions to healthcare facilities and senior living care centers.

We’ve been able to offer our healthcare clients an integrative program of available IoT security technologies and IT security tools that create a fortress-like environment that assures iron-clad data and cyber security protection.

Thwarting the Security Risks of IoT Networks

Although there are many benefits of linking your network devices on the Internet of Things, there are also many security risks for IoT networks. Thanks to InfiNet Solutions’ wealth of innovative IoT security solutions, though, you won’t have to worry about an infiltration of your Omaha assisted living facility IoT security.

IoT security risks to your senior care facility can threaten such devices and appliances as:

  • Thermostats
  • Refrigerators
  • Door locks
  • Medical devices – An emergent concern related to compliance concerns. (See: “medjacking”)

Our IoT security solutions and technology covers all of the above and more – namely, anything and everything connected to your IoT network.

Your Omaha IoT Security Consultation Awaits

InfiNet Solutions is the trusted IoT technical support company for many. We help Omaha assisted living facilities and senior care centers with both their customer relations and IoT security concerns, which vastly improves their entire operations.

Let our technical expertise guide you through all your assisted living facility IoT security needs. Call one of our helpful agents today at 402.895.5777 or email us at [email protected] for more details on how to get started.