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A team of Omaha-based, business IT management, IT support and development professionals with the combined skills and tech support experience needed to understand and help with the IT challenges you face - and all at a price that fits your budget.

Technology plays a huge role in operating a business today. No longer is it about just having access to e-mail and files. Contact us today and let us prove how InfiNet can provide you with a whole new level of IT Support!


If you are currently experiencing a problem, our IT staff is ready to help by phone, email, or through our handy support app for Windows.

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You can reach our help desk from 8-5 CST, M-F. Please call 402.547.4300 to be connected with a technican today

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Working with Windows?

Download the remote Assistance Client by Clicking below. When prompted, click on the "Run" button to proceed.

If any security warnings appear, click on the "Run" button a second time.

When you see the "InfiNet Help Desk" window with the six-digit number on it, read the number off to the technician so that he or she may use it to connect in.

Contact Us By Email

You can contact us view email at


We get to work with you everyday in many ways, but it's not always possible to do so face to face. Having an idea of who we are is important, so we want to introduce you to our team.

Steve Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Johnson

President and Owner

Dave Boster

Chief Information Officer

Laura Herbolsheimer

Service Manager

Chase Unruh

Account Manager and vCIO

Josh Weyer

Senior Engineer

Chris Breci

Senior Engineer

Josh Evans

Enterprise Service Administrator

Dave Royce

Senior Web Developer

Toni Larson

Web Developer

Brett Simmonds

Web Developer


Our expertise goes beyond design and development. We understand the big-picture business priorities behind each project. We focus on user experience, smart design, and proven technology platforms.

Enterprise Content Management

We partner with Sitecore and Kentico to provide the absolute best in content delivery platforms. With these platforms we can provide easy to manage content, compelling mobile experiences, e-commerce solutions, and marketing automation!

Business Intelligence

BI is no longer limited to large enterprises. Now startups to mid-sized organizations can leverage data to help drive smarter, more informed business decisions. Is your data scattered in various spread sheets, software, and third-party websites? We can show you how to bring that information into a single view that provides greater insight to the operation of your business.

Business Automation

How much time is your staff spending updating Excel worksheets, doing double entry, or waiting for information from another person or software? We focus on streamlining, optimizing and automating the key processes that drive value for your orgaization and our customers.

Custom Software

Specializing in the Microsoft development platform we build applications and services that scale to a broad range of devices and to the cloud. We combine the best of cloud services and web technologies to solve the unqiue needs of your business and your clients.

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