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What’s Happening? 

      As more information is becoming available and the first cases of Corona virus are coming to light in Nebraska, we here at InfiNet have been reviewing CDC’s best practices for helping mitigate the spread of any illness in business and social settings.  Due to the nature of our business, we are traveling to and from many businesses with as many as several hundred users on site.  In light of the pandemic, we are temporarily suspending all on-site visits unless they are absolutely necessary.   

What Does This Mean For My Regular Scheduled Onsite? 

Though we will be temporarily halting any regularly scheduled onsite visits, we will still be available and working on your technology needs during the time of your regular scheduled visit.   

What Happens If We Have An Issue That Needs To Be Resolved In Person?

    InfiNet’s promise has always been, that you will not have to fight to get someone onsite.  We strive to keep this promise, while also complying with local, state and federal recommendations/ mandates.  If you have a problem that absolutely requires a physical presence, we will still be coming on site to take care of the issue.  We kindly request that you make the appropriate access accommodations for your engineer/technician. 
    InfiNet will continue to provide the highest level of support possible for all your technology needs through this difficult time.  We have a robust tool set that allows us to accomplish the bulk of our work from anywhere we can obtain an internet connection.  If you have any questions please feel free to email Chris Breci at [email protected]    
    Our hearts go out to everyone around the world that is being affected by the Corona virus, either directly or indirectly. This moment reminds us that we’re all connected like never before, and to get through these times we need patience, understanding, compassion, and to take care of each other. 

Your team, 
InfiNet Solutions