Giving Businesses a Mobile Makeover

Industry: Optometry 

Business Challenge: Find better ways to use technology to engage with patients and client 

Solution: Tablet Docking System 


  • Increased engagement with clients from the moment they walk in the door 
  • Increased productivity by the staff without the need to be at a workstation 
  • Better support to provide that unique client experience  
  • Decrease in the number of workstations needed 

Business Challenge: 

Businesses are rapidly changing and along with that comes the need for different technologies and processes. In the field of Optometry, client engagement is a critical piece of the experience. Being able to answer questions without needing to run back to a workstation, or maybe being a little more personable during exams are just a few challenges they were looking to solve. Not only that but they wanted to be able to have a little extra to go along with the amazing care that they provided to their clients.  


The Doctors and InfiNet teamed up to discuss the challenges that they faced and, together, we developed a solution that would increase their engagement and cut overall costs of their IT equipment. The answer was a tablet in the hands of all their clinical staff. Using Microsoft Surface Pro tablets and docking stations in exam rooms, they were able to over come the barrier of being confined to a desk which allowed them to cater to their clients significantly better. For those that cannot see very well, its tough to see a screen that might be across the exam room. They can undock their tablets and engage closer with the clients, making them feel comfortable and relaxed.  


From the moment that the client is greeted to the moment they leave, engagement has significantly increased. They can cater to their needs easier. The comfort level in exam rooms has increased as well.  

Productivity levels have increased. The average time it takes to see clients has been reduced which offers the ability to either see more, or get those additional tasks completed.  

The experience that the client receives is better. Staff can offer up to date quick information right with the clients rather than run back to a workstation to look up the information. The duration that a client spends in a room waiting for exams to be pulled up has been reduced, if not eliminated by providing the ability to proactively pull up the information and carry that same information into the rooms with them.  

The need to purchase additional machines that sit in place is no longer there. We were able to cut their workstation numbers down by 1/3rd of what they previously owned.