Architecture and Engineering

IT Services for Engineering Firms

Flawless Syncing

Keeping terabytes of data synched perfectly across an array of CAD-based machines can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have many years of technology experience handling large files under your belt. Fortunately, the professional and knowledgeable team at InfiNet Solutions can provide you with the information that you need to make balanced and intelligent decisions about technology, and will help explain it in a way that makes sense no matter your body of knowledge. A mixture of onsite and off-site cloud backups allows architects and engineers with the flexibility that they need to keep designing and dreaming without worrying about whether or not their intricately detailed projects are being saved correctly.

Extended Storage

When you are dealing with large files, you need to know that the load is not going to unbalance your system, and we can help support you in that aspect as well. Our WiFi solutions experts provide you with the bandwidth that you need to work closely with your team and with customers when you’re in the office and beyond. Moving massive files around becomes quick and painless, and dealing with network latency will be a thing of the past.

IT Support for Engineering Firms

Always Up-to-Date

Maintaining software licenses, telephone systems, servers and hardware may seem troublesome if you only perform maintenance once per month or quarter. Our trained technicians know when new software releases come out that include critical bug fixes, and we apply them proactively so you can return your focus to growing your business.