Business Continuity

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud-based backups are exceptionally stable and provide you with the ultimate redundancy, but they can also be slower, more expensive and make it more difficult to access critical data should you need it quickly. On-premise backups are used by many smaller businesses, but they do not offer the true redundancy that an offsite backup includes and are still subject to fire and flood.

A hybrid cloud-based solution offers the best of both worlds – local storage of data for quick recovery, and offsite storage that is useful when you need to rebuild entire machines or networks.

Instant Local and Off-Site Virtualization

Your overall disaster recovery plan should include IT solutions, as bringing up your networks and systems from a bare metal state in the case of a catastrophic fire or attack can be difficult if not impossible without a full disaster recovery and business continuity plan. At InfiNet Solutions, we utilize the Siris 2 enterprise business continuity stack from Datto to ensure that your mission-critical applications are back online with minimal downtime.

Server Virtualization
Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery

Datto utilizes image-based backup technology to create a system for fast full system restores of servers or workstations. When the unthinkable happens, even a BMR is workable on dissimilar hardware due to the ShadowSnap technology from StorageCraft. Determining where problems occurred is also possible with BackupInsights, which allows you to see when specific files were moved or altered, offering valuable insights into intrusion activity.

Business Continuity

Instant off-site virtualization allows employees to perform critical functions remotely even in the event of a site-wide catastrophe through quick re-creations of critical systems securely in the cloud. Hot-swappable devices means your business can keep going even when you’re upgrading your hardware right in your office.