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The manufacturing sector of our economy at large presents many challenges for business owners who plan on keeping data regarding proprietary information on goods and production methods safe and secure. Consumer goods in particular are big business, but can also present a major liability in terms of data center and networking security, compliance issues, and […]

Four ways businesses can profit from digital transformation. Digital transformation allows SMBs to rub elbows with the large businesses they could one day become. However, many SMBs don’t have an honest game plan when it comes to taking advantage of a digital transformation. With this being said, here’s a look at four ways SMBs can […]

A Match Made in Heaven Thanks to the power of the cloud, true intelligent business disaster recovery is now easier than ever. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t still have a lot of work ahead of you. The cloud is a tool, much like a hammer. It is very possible to use a hammer […]

Many modern day businesses that seek to leverage modern technology to their advantage have a very important decision in front of them when it comes to the cloud. They can either choose to invest heavily in the public cloud due to its cost savings and ease-of-use, or invest in the private cloud for a little […]

Cybersecurity and the Democratic Process With the DNC leak making headlines worldwide, serious concern about foreign powers interfering with the American democratic process is becoming part of the national discussion. Now, security experts believe that voting machines may become the next target thanks to a number of factors that make them uniquely susceptible to attack. […]

Ransomware has gotten much more intelligent in the last year, and it now represents one of the most damaging and widespread cybersecurity threats that businesses face on a daily basis. According to SophosLabs, ransomware is now so sophisticated it can target specific countries and locations and use appropriate vernacular languages, logos, local information and payment […]

Windows 10 recently announced the addition of its Enterprise offering to its Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program. The move is good news for small and mid-sized businesses, which will now have access to Enterprise level services for the affordable sum of $7 per user per month. Enhanced Security Features are Instrumental for Businesses of All […]

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