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In-House VoIP

Your telephony system has to work for you, and if you’re still making and receiving calls on a legacy phone system then it’s time for an upgrade to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and say goodbye to long-distance phone call charges. A VoIP system does require a very robust Internet connection, so part of what we will review is whether or your your current systems are enough to maintain call fidelity based on your volume needs. For an in-house VoIP operation, InfiNet Solutions can provide you with the proactive support that you need to ensure that your communications are always on.

Cloud-Based VoIP

There are benefits with a cloud-based VoIP telephony system–namely, that you wouldn’t be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance on the hardware itself. All of the servers are hosted offsite and in the cloud, leaving you with one less “moving part” to worry about with your business.

Cloud Voip
Allworx Img

Allworx System

Allworx is a unified communications system that supports both analog and VoIP (digital) phones. If you’ve been in business for a while and you need a mix of solutions, Allworx may be a good direction as you can adopt new technology with a phased rollout instead of the heavy disruption of a completely new telephony system.

Learn more about how our IT professionals can support your telecommunications needs. With over a decade of experience, InfiNet Solutions takes the time to understand your business telephony needs so we can make a recommendation that will work best for you.

Need integrations for multiple sites? No problem–InfiNet Solutions can handle that for you as well.